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Corporate access to a company’s intranet

Remote access to a company’s intranet is usually made by clicking on the "Login" or "Corporate" buttons in the firm’s external website.

A company’s intranet enables employees to remotely access confidential or even strategic information (pricing, product roadmap...).

It is highly recommended that companies protect access to these confidential data with a feature more secure than a simple login/password. For example, when waiting in an airport boarding area, close proximity to other people can permit them to copy the login/password in order to gain access later to this confidential information.

GenMsecure’s solution is the perfect way to secure corporate access with a strong authentication system using employees’ smartphones.

Authentication before payment on e-commerce website

Theft of cardholder data (name, card number, expire date, CVV) is increasing daily and generates more and more fraud on e-commerce web sites which accept non-secure payments with payment cards.

For the merchant and the acquiring bank, the chargeback rate becomes increasingly significant.

Systems installed to secure online payments (3D secure...) are complex for users and many customers give up with their purchase before completing the payment procedure...

As GenMsecure’s strong authentication solution is highly secured, very intuitive and extremely user friendly, it provides a simple and efficient way to solve this security problem.

GenMsecure’s strong authentication of the customer before any payment is made:
  - Enables the merchant to decrease the chargeback rate and limits the number of aborted payments
  - Gives confidence to the customer since no purchase can be made on a website if a cardholder’s information has been stolen

GenMsecure’s strong authentication solution is simple to integrate within an existing e-commerce website due to SDKs delivered with the product.

Secure access to personal data

More and more internet sites (administration, health services...) store their customers’ and users’ personal and confidential data.

Cloud storage sites enable service providers to store/archive private, sensitive and confidential documents (such as administrative documents, payslips...).

These documents must be protected and their access restricted to their owners.

Once more, GenMsecure’s strong authentication system with a smartphone is the perfect solution to this problem.
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