Showroom Secure Web Access


Secure Access for Web sites

This demo shows the usage of genMsecure strong authentication to enter in private areas.
   - Customer's access
   - Partner's access
   - Private area
   - Customer area
   - Member/VIP area
   - etc

You must have either an iPhone, an Android smartphone or a Windows Phone to make this demo.

Before running this demo, you must have registered in GenMsecure strong authentication service in order to complete the demonstration. Click here to subscribe..

If you have an iPhone and it displays a pop-up with a licence error when installing the application then you have to go to "Settings", "General", "Profiles" or "Device Management" in order to allow GenMsecure application to run.
Do not forget also to allow notifications for this application.

Once subscription is done, Click here to run GenMaccess demonstration.

Then click on "VIP Access" link in the demo website.

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