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E-Wallet with GenMsecure strong authentication solution

Large retailer groups have several trade names with one or more e-commerce websites for each trade name.

By using an e-Wallet, customers can pay for their purchases on any of a group’s e-commerce websites without having to give their personal and banking information for each payment.

E-commerce customers often make recurring purchases on the same website. Using an e-Wallet enables them to pay easily without providing sensitive banking information for each purchase.

E-Wallets allow merchants to develop loyalty programs and retain their customers (e.g. loading the e-Wallet with €20 for special events or when a cumulated purchase amount threshold is reached...).

Access to e-Wallet obviously requires strong customer authentication which can also give customers confidence in the safety of their payments.

Developed in partnership with EMP Corp., GenMsecure e-Wallet is the perfect payment tool for the above cases.

Access to e-Wallet is secured with GenMsecure’s strong authentication solution which is easy to use and provides a high degree of security.

Customers using an e-Wallet can display at any time their profile, transaction and credit history. They can reload their e-Wallet, if needed, with their regular payment card.

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