Augmented Security, a French company created in 2011, offers solutions featuring Augmented Security’s strong authentication engine based on smartphone technology.

These solutions have multiple application areas:
    - Banks (e-banking, ATM cash withdrawal without payment card...)
    - E-commerce (secure e-Wallet...)
    - Secure Web access (merchant sites, corporate access...)
    - ...

Augmented Security solutions’ main characteristics are its user friendliness and its high level of security. Authentication engine technology is based on Augmented Security patents.

Augmented Security’s authentication engine enables strong authentication even when the data network is not available (neither data network nor Wi-Fi). Engine integration within websites, mobile applications and customer's IS is easy to implement due to adequate SDKs.

Augmented Security solutions have received France Cyber Security Label in 2016.


o Mars 2018: Mobile SSO Authentication on Office 365 portal according to the SAML V2.0 protocol

o January 2018: Participation to the Salesforce meetup in Paris

o November 2017: Participation to Dreamforce, the Salesforce event in Los Angeles

o September 2017 : Mobile SSO Authentication on salesforce CRM according to the SAML V2.0 protocol

o April 2017: Innovsante & Augmented Security : Healthcare Passport®, safe and secured access by genMaccess

o September 2016: GenMadmin V2.0 released with multi devices support

o May 2016        : Augmented Security receives France Cyber Security Label

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