Solutions ATM cash withdrawal


It is important for banks to make ATMs profitable (despite significant operational costs) by introducing new services.

ATM cash withdrawal without payment card: so easy!

Developed in partnership with NCR, GenMsecure solution enables users to withdraw cash on ATMs without using a payment card.

On the ATMs offering this service, end users can select "Cardless Withdrawal" then enter the requested amount and banknotes.

Their smartphone then receives a notification and GenMsecure mobile application requests them to confirm this cash withdrawal by entering their personal code.

If the personal code is valid, the ATM delivers the requested banknotes to the end user.

See "Showroom" tab for a full demo of this service.

CASHLIB: Cash withdrawal on ATM for money won on websites (poker...).

Developed in partnership with EMP Corp, CASHlib enables users to withdraw money won on websites without waiting 3 days for normal fund transfer between banks.

ATM cash withdrawal is secured by GenMsecure’s strong authentication solution.

Africash: fund transfer platform

AFRICASH is a smartphone-based fund transfer platform with African countries.

AFRICASH is available from Telcos and banks which are affiliated with the AFRICASH service.

Fund deposits can be made either by bank transfer, payment card or prepaid card.

Cash withdrawal is done on ATMs or at affiliated withdrawal points (Telcos).

AFRICASH transfer platform is secured with GenMsecure’s strong authentication solution.

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