Company Overview

Company overview

Created in France in 2011,Augmented Security is an innovative young company in the strong authentication area with solutions using the smartphone as the main authentication device in order to guarantee sales and financial transaction security and secure access (Web, network, physical access...).

Company funding, initially made by the founding partners, has then been completed by several private investors.

In January 2012, Augmented Security won the Oséo Innovation award.

In June 2012, Augmented Security won the "concours des Entreprises Innovantes" trophy organised by "Paris-Saclay Invest".

Augmented Security also got an agreement for technological solutions from the "pôle de compétitivité Finance Innovation".

Since May 2014, Augmented Security has the "Young Innovative Company" status issued by the French "Ministère de l'Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche".

Besides that, Augmented Security is the owner of patents for enrolment and authentication processes of solutions built with the Augmented Security Authentication Engine.

Augmented Security's CEO, highlights the vision for the company:

“When it comes to mobile -and ecommerce- related new technologies, Augmented Security brings what key players and end-users expect: a simple, yet unique security process, designed for consumers, and always the same for all new mobile applications.

Augmented Security’s user-friendliness is a key strength and one of the main differentiators from other products currently available on the market."

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