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Strong Authentication Applications for e-Banking

Augmented Security strong authentication applications for e-banking are the following (non- exhaustive list):
   - Secure access to banks' web sites
   - Sensitive e-banking transaction validation (fund transfer, new-service subscription...)
   - Secure access and validation for bank-based mobile applications

After registration to the authentication service, Augmented Security strong authentication solution does not send any sms to smartphones, hence no costs associated with sending sms...

Sensitive transaction validation (or bank's website access) is easy and requires only 4 steps.

1. User requests a fund transfer on bank's website

2. Her/his smartphone receives a notification specifying that a validation request is in progress

3. The smartphone application displays the transaction message and, if the user is OK with the transaction, she/he enters her/his personal code

4. Fund transfer is validated.

In order to use Augmented Security’s strong authentication solution, registration for the service is required. It is easy and can be made in 4 steps by end-users on the bank's website, assuming that the bank has already stored (and verified) the end-user’s phone number.

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